Do I deserve my seat at the table? Am I good enough? Will they listen to me? I'm too young/too old/too (add pet version of insecurity...).....

Entrepreneurs can be particularly vulnerable to imposter syndrome, but most people will have experienced the feeling at some point - usually when sitting at a meeting with older people of a different sex to you.

It's the inner critic speaking and not allowing the instinctive part of your brain to just get on with what you're good at.

So what can you do about it?

1. Get a regular reality check from someone you trust (in the case of CEOs, a coach is great for this role - no axe to grind, won't get upset, won't compete, won't gossip...)

2. Know what you're genuinely good at - there are plenty of strengths tests out there and it's strangely comforting to really understand your strengths

3. Understand what you really want. Is it money? To be really good at what you do? To make a difference? To be part of a community?

Keeping those things front of mind when imposter syndrome kicks in can silence your inner critic and give you a leg up by speaking up. Try it and let me know if it works for you!